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Check Out The Reviews Below For The Top 3 Dog Potty Systems On The Market

Porch Potty
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The Potty Patch
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Pup Head Portable Dog Potty
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Read Below To Get dog potty Reviews

Hello there and welcome to, your unbiased third party recommendation resource for reviewing and purchasing the right dog potty for your home, townhome, or condo. Below you will find some information on a few different dog potty systems that are on the market.

Be sure to check back here at our blog often as we are constantly researching, sorting and sifting through the overwhelming information about dog potty products that are on the market today. If you are in the market to buy a dog potty, rest assured as you have discovered the right place to find the dog potty that fits you and your dogs lifestyle the best.

Let The dog potty  Reviews Begin…

1. The Porch Potty Dog Potty System

The Porch Potty has a unique design to it. Unlike the other dog potty products on the market it has a unique catch basin drain system. Most other dog potties use drain grates to elevate the synthetic turf thus elevating the dogs paws so that your Fido does not track dog pee onto your nice floors.

The Porch Potty dog potty uses a unique design to allow the dog urine to flow into a center drain and then into the catch basin where the urine will be stored until cleaning. Porch Potty also offers a premium version to their design that is probably 50% self contained. What it has is an automatic irrigation system that comes pre-installed on it.

All you have to do is hook it up to the garden hose. The garden hose will need to be connected to an automatic timer. The timer will be set to turn on at various times throughout the day so that it will keep the turf fresh and clean. This premium version also comes with a drain attachment that you can hook up to a floor or sink drain. The Porch Potty dog potty system ranges in price from $225 to $279 depending on the size and model type that you need.

Porch Potty benefits for you:

  • Perfect for two story apartment buildings or town-homes with balconies or porches.
  • Easy cleanup with the premium porch potty with the rinsing and drainage features.
  • You can order optional training sod which is real grass, also known as “training sod”. Dogs are more ept to do their business on earthly scented materials.
  • Self contained cleaning system that cleans itself for you.
  • It’s actually the only dog potty system that has a drain. This drainage system works in conjunction with the automatic sprinkler system that it comes with to rinse the urine away for you.
  • Easy to build and put together.

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2. The Potty Patch Dog Potty System

The potty patch dog potty system has a 3 tier design; the catch basin, the drain grates, and the synthetic turf. The collection tray holds up to 1 gallon of liquid. The Potty Patch is currently offering a two payment option at $19.99 each, plus shipping and handling. This dog potty product is actually a really good deal. You can find a picture of the Potty Patch dog potty system below.

Potty Patch benefits for you:

  • Easy storage.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Simple to use.
  • Perfect for traveling.

Click Here To Get The Potty Patch!

Picture of the Potty Patch dog potty system.


3. The Pup Head Portable Dog Potty System

Watch this video as it explains the benefits and features of the pup-head dog potty system. Check it out.. You’ll notice how easy it is to clean this in particular dog potty system compared to the others on the market.

Here is a picture of the Pup Head Portable dog potty system. If you are interested in getting the Pup Head, go here now.


Do you have any personal reviews of an in particular brand of dog potty that you have already purchased and used for your dog? If so, let us know what you think of your dog toilet or “dog potty” system in the comments below…

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